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With Serving thousands of blackberry owners around the world, Blackberry Unlocker is the most established online source for instant Blackberry IMEI unlock codes using hi-end technological solution to bypass Network Restrictions on your Blackberry Phones so that you can use your blackberry to any network provider around the world thereby saving expenses on Roaming charges and National tariff cost. Our Unlocking Solution gives you flexibility to switch carriers on your Blackberry phone so that you are not binded with network providers expensive contracts.

Our BlackBerry Unlocking Service aims to provide fastest IMEI Unlock codes for your phone with minimum turnaround time ,With these unlock codes you can instantly unlock your blackberry phone within minutes as process for unlocking is as easy as dialing a number on your phone keypad.

Our Unlocking Solution support all types Blackberry models including Storm 9530/9500, Storm 2 9520/9550,Tour 9630,Bold 4 9930/9900, Bold 9790/9780/9700/9650/9000,Curve,Pearl(All Models). The technology behind blackberry unlocker  underlies within the highly advanced instant blackberry server which is programmed to calculate and generate accurate IMEI unlock codes so that your blackberry remains unlocked forever.

All you have to do is give your phone 15 Digit IMEI Number (Type *#06# on your phone keypad) and we will supply you the unlock code within minutes. To Unlock your blackberry instantly please select your blackberry model to unlock. 


Select BlackBerry Model to Unlock: Select Model with Network from the list to Unlock:


BlackBerry Instant Unlocking Service - This type of service support all blackberry models, the unlock codes generated by this service are also called Network operator unlock codes. For example Blackberry phone which is locked on networks like Verizon wireless USA, Vodafone UK, there unlock codes are retrieved through an algorithm which is programmed and calculated by our instant blackberry server. Time to generate unlock codes for these networks is instant and you can unlock blackberry within minutes. (Usually 0-10 mins). Learn more.

If you mobile network is listed here, then you require this service. If your network is not listed then you need special Blackberry worldwide express service.


BlackBerry Worldwide Express Service - This special service is used when unlock codes cannot be retrieved by blackberry instant unlocking method .This service comprises of premium networks and all unsupported networks. The unlock codes generated by this service are also called as Manufacturer unlock codes which is directly retrieved from RIM Blackberry Server and no special algorithm is used. For example blackberry is locked on with premium networks like Telus Bell Canada, Vodafone India are retrieved through RIM Server. Time to generate unlock codes for these networks usually take around 0-10 minutes. Learn more.

If your network is not listed with any of these two then you may choose this method itself as the unlock codes are directly from generated from manufacturer. (RIM), Unlike other online sellers we provide the fastest unlock code delivery for this service.

5 Reasons To Unlock Your Blackberry

Save money on Roaming charges and National tariff cost.
Easily switch to any GSM provider by changing Sim cards according to your needs.
Increase resale value of your phone by 300%.
Use Dual SIM adaptors on your unlocked blackberry so that you can set aside your office calls and leisure calls.
Absolutely no risk of damaging your phone and warranty also doesn't get void.
unlock blackberry tour 


We are confident that our unique blackberry unlocking solution will unlock your phone, so you can test drive our services for full one week and if for any reason you are not satisfied then simply contact us, we will happily refund your money, by our 100% Risk free money back guarantee, hence, you have nothing to loose.

Our Guarantee

P. S : With Our 100 % Permanent unlocking solution ,you can instantly unlock your blackberry within minutes. Our service will provide you a unlock code or subsidy code including simple to follow easy instructions which will bypass all network restrictions on your phone so that you can use any SIM card from any GSM provider worldwide. Just simply dial in the unlock code we provide and start enjoying benefits of unlocked blackberry right away

I recently bought 4 tour sets with verizon,all codes given by you guys worked like charm. I even sold two for better prices. A+ from steve.

                        -Steve Henmer,US

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